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publicado originalmente en: Leave Lord of Wolves as is
Editado por U11010548: 6/17/2019 10:37:59 AM
This is exactly what CRUCIBABIES do. Weapon is powerful. CRUCIBABIES get killed by said weapon a few times in a match. CRUCIBABIES get salty and comes to the forums to cry. In response Bungie nerfs said weapon into oblivion. Before Lord of Wolves it was Lunas/Not Forgotten, before that it was Shards, before that it was Nova Warp and so on and so on. Its happened to so many weapons and armor. Its truly sad. Because of PvP, Destiny will never be great, only mediocre. The CRUCIBABIES won't be happy until we're shooting marshmallows and throwing pillows at each other.

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