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6/16/2019 3:37:27 PM

bungie help please

so I've been restricted from crucible again.. the first time was understandable, because I live in the country were we can only get max speed of 6mbs. I was on wifi at the time with multiple users. I was also given a warning before getting restricted. this message stated that I need to improve my connection. So that's what I did, solo internet service for just the ps4 pro and nothing else. it's hardwired, and I even had my brother mess with the Dsn and ip address for the best connection. But here I am almost 4 months or more later. restricted again, I received no warning or email. just logged on the next day and I'm restricted. the only question I have is why was I restricted this time? if someone from bungie could please respond so that I may resolve the issue. that would be much appreciated.
#Help #Networking

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