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Bungee we need new class abilities

So it’s been a little bit since we got new supers. Some of which aren’t used nearly as often as older supers, titans and hunters especially. And while getting new supers would be fun, it would still fall under the issues with balancing exotics and gameplay around them. However, getting new class abilities that would be more of an extension of existing ones would add first of all more class identity but also a new flavor of play style of each class. Something to give each class the ability of choosing another way to approach solo and group play so while these new abilities wouldn’t outweigh the use of the current class abilities completely. For titans we should be able to hold down the wall barricade ability to give us a minor overshield on kill with weapons (not grenades or supers) that would last for 3/4 of the duration of a barricade... Or the ability to spend only .5 of a round as we fire if using the rally barricade (so we would get essentially double clip size ie. two rockets per clip) lasting for 1/2 or 3/4 the length of a rally barricade. For hunters using the reload dodge they should get a buff that allows them to be untargetable by npcs for each weapon kill for a few seconds refreshing on kill. The buff itself allowing to become untargetable lasting for maybe 20-25 seconds. And the melee dodge to just change out for melee kills instead. For warlocks holding down the rift ability for most of the sub classes (besides the ones that already change rift) should allow warlocks using healing rift to gain a small portion of health back on bullet hit with a slight damage buff (1-2x rampage buff for example while also stacking with other damage buffs) And for warlocks using the empowering rift giving them a damage buff (3x rampage equivalent while also stacking with other damage buffs) and only a slight heal on bullet hit. I believe adding these new ways to use the class abilities by holding down the buttons like warlock grenades or using ward of dawn, should give all players of each class another type of play style that would really benefit solo gameplay or niche gameplay in group scenarios. With you guys at Bungie teasing that Shadowkeep will have more focus on story which I assume will mean story missions that can be played solo, something like this will also give players a little QoL and neat gameplay in the solo environment. Because let’s be honest, having to stand in a rift as a warlock or behind a barricade as a titan sometimes when you want to speed run through a daily heroic story mission doesn’t really fit well. I’d also be completely inclined on using these new abilities to try to find new ways to tackle group gameplay because there are times you don’t need two locks to drop down rifts... like... a lot of times actually. Also just so we don’t haves issues with balancing to where the charged abilities would either be way to op in pvp I think they should be disabled for that game mode. I’d really love to hear what other players think about sotlike this and especially the devs.

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