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Alright, this is my list of Crucible etiquette, completely biased by myself. This is hard because Crucible etiquette is subjective based on Subclasses, and weapon choices, but im going to be as objective as possible here. 1. Follow through on the match. We get it, you join a crucible game, get your brain smashed in, and hold down the director button to quit. Please please please Continue the game. This is huge in Comp, because So many times have I seen 2-3 rounds get basically thrown, and all of a sudden your team has a sip of coffee, take that vape hit, and makes an insane comeback. Quitting doesn't even give that team a chance, and is SO discouraging. 2. REVIVE. Self explanatory, Hold X or Square. Be a team player, Just do it. 3. Team layout/map awareness Know where your team is, push with them, withdraw with them. Know when the spawns flip. This is huge in ANY gamemode. Running solo is asking to get a Fusion to the face, unless you have super, then pop that baby and fly. Spawn flipping is a serious way to get an edge on another team- if you can predict it. If your buddies are behind enemy lines, doing work, 9/10 spawn is about to flip, make sure you can predict this, and you can guarantee the enemies location for a period of time. Great way to take advantage of Lanes. 4. Dont be a Heavy main Always share heavy ammo. Pick it up once, let your team grab it after. Sometimes you think you will do work with your Machine gun, go for it, get those kills. But no one, and I mean NO ONE, likes to have heavy stolen every. single. time. Dont be the guy to run to heavy in the last 3 seconds of the timer and Yoink it from someone who was waiting for it. Thats just mean, dont be mean. 5. Dont be a -redacted- Play with the mindset that you are in a team activity, and to win, you have to stick with your team. This is huge in most gamemodes, but specifically Control, which is entirely objective based, and requires teamwork to win. Not everyone can be in voice comms, so make it your mission to push for Zones with your team, and to clear zones with your team. Playing as a team can make control games last 5 minutes. 6. Use supers Wisely Your whole team has super? Your titan just popped hammers, DONT POP YOURS. Always stagger supers. Always always always!!!!! If you are playing with Blueberries, I get it, ya both hit bumpers at the same time. F in the chat for that. But when you have communication, and can easily call out super use, Always stagger supers. The kill potential is huge when you use supers right, and can seriously disrupt any rhythm the enemy team has going. From Talia Sendua 7. Communicate with the team! It is not that hard to communicate with your team by either emotes, body language or your damn headset. We have a fireteam chat for a reason. Get sone silence in your room when talking and even if not talking, just listen. Leave comments below if you have something you want added! This list is not complete, nor does it summarize every bit of etiquette you should have in Crucible. Make your voice heard, lemme know what you think.

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