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6/15/2019 11:32:38 PM

Refer a friend

Hey! I don't see any other way to contact bungie directly so I am trying to get a hold of some community manager to make this right. I got this game so that I could play with my boyfriend, and recently just bought the expansion as well. I did the refer a friend link and thought we had done everything correctly. I was under the assumption that once we finished the main vanilla game I could then talk to hawthorne and do the campaign that would give us both the refer-a-friend loot. I linked up with and even saw the "Link successful." However, as we finished the main campaign today I thought we would get the loot, but instead I see a message above my name saying, " You are not eligible to be a new player. You are eligible however to refer a player." I literally bought this game maybe 2-3 weeks ago, he has had it for almost 2 years. I just wanted to be part of this community and to experience something new and different, but this seems underhanded in the way you deal with obtaining the refer-a-friend benefits. Without trying to be too much of a meme, I would really like some customer service to resolve this issue. Thank you. -Kengi9

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