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Cabbage, Lettuce, Weasel, Currant. NAT Type Open.

Hello, i've been having connectivity issues for a LONG time. i'm getting sick of it. i tried port forwarding, but it didn't work for some reason. NAT Type still showed "Moderate" after that i allowed all destiny 2 connections and now NAT type shows "Open". However, i still get these connection errors. it happens suddenly when i'm playing a strike for example, enemies don't appear, my fireteam disappears but i still get messages saying "generated orbs of light" i wait 30 seconds or so then it disconnects me. again, my NAT type is Open i play on EU. i played for MONTHS without seeing a single error code. but over the last month i can't play for 30 minutes without seeing one. Edit: now i can't even complete 1 heroic adventure. this sucks.
#Help #Networking

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