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Editado por Nvoyy: 6/15/2019 7:20:38 PM

[XB1] Chosen+ - Raiding Clan (NA/EU/AUS)

We are Chosen. A group who enjoy spending their time taking on the more challenging endgame content in D2. We are also known for being incredibly active in Guided Games. We have players based all over the world and there are always groups online for you to join. Our members range from laid back players all the way to experienced raiders who hold spots on the leaderboards. We are looking for other raiders to join us. Our requirements are: - Clears in ALL Y1 and Y2 raids - Be active in game - Join and participate in our Discord server Chosen doesn't stop at raiding and has groups running all of the activities Destiny has to offer (Nightfall, Gambit, PVP etc.) If this is a group you be interested in joining. Send me a message on here, or on XBL (GT: Nvoyy).

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