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6/15/2019 7:39:48 AM

Don't wanna join a huge clan? then my clan is for you!

hey all! i'm going to try to keep this short. my clan is looking for active members of all kinds. whether you're a raider, hardcore pvper, casual/hardcore pve-er, or all of the above then we've got room for you! we're a mostly adult clan, that loves to have friendly banter, and ball busting. but when it comes down to it we want more members who want to lfg within the clan and are willing to chat with other members. only requirements is that you join our discord and please understand that all the shit talking is ONLY meant in fun and humor. we in no way are trying to make you feel attacked. i'm stressing this bc i understand that that kind of humor can be hard to understand. we want everyone to feel comfortable within our clan! so please, don't hesitate to ask for an invite. (: good luck out there, guardians!

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