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Editado por HiCUNextTuesday: 6/15/2019 6:21:21 AM

Anyone kind out there?

Everytime I personally get close to recluse I run into super try hards, or just bad luck with team mates quiting or something along those lines, I can get to heroic fine that is no problem. But today it seems as if it was my most unlucky day ever or the match making was just extremely bad. I get running into 4 stacks and teams full of Luna's or Recluse and my team would just get shit on. I ended up losing 1100 rank today.. I am beginning to think the recluse is just not in the cards for me Is there anyone out kind enough to help me out, with out Charing? I can help with any pve activity as it is where I normally stay but this recluse Bounty had gotten to me

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