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Editado por LimitedSpartan: 6/14/2019 8:40:46 PM

A change everyone can agree on, an option to auto-dismantle blue engrams.

Have you grown tired of seeing that your postmaster is full to find that it's taken up by blues? I have. Past the soft cap, these blues for so many people are auto dismantled the second they get a chance. I understand that there's the VERY rare blue that some people want occasionally. Give us an option once we get past the soft cap to automatically dismantle blue engrams we pick up. EDIT: Something people don't seem to be picking up on is the fact I'm saying ENGRAMS, and OPTION. Engrams meaning what drops from strikes/activites in the world. NOT QUEST ITEMS/REWARDS. Option, of course, meaning optional. It would literally have zero effect on anyone that decided to not use the feature. If you have a solid argument for how it WOULD effect you with it being optional, I'm all ears. Edit 2: To clarify, something I'm advocating for, would be a TOGGLE. [b]Turn it on/off when you want, if you realize there's a blue you want, just turn it back on.[/b]

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