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6/15/2019 2:33:23 AM

[PC][NA] Spindle of Whisper Hammer | PVE | RAIDS | PVP | GAMBIT | ENDGAME |

[b][u]About Us…[/b][/u] Welcome to Spindle of Whisper Hammer, we’re a clan focused on making you feel like part of a community. So many other clans are massive, with member counts in the tens of thousands, bordering on being an LFG service. We want to be different, we want our players to feel like they’re part of a close-knit group of players who work together and help each other out. We’re looking to build an active base of players that participate in endgame content, not just raids. Both new and returning players are welcome, we’ll help catch you up to speed if you need it. Worried that you’ll have another raid that fails because you can’t find a sherpa? Don’t worry, we have your back. If you’re willing to learn, we’re willing to teach. [b][u]What We’re Looking For…[/b][/u] [PC] [NA] Annual Pass and Forsaken [url=]Discord[/url] and a microphone, voice comms are a requirement A minimum of 600 Power Level on at least one character We don’t have an age requirement, but we are looking for mature players. [b][u]What We’re Offering [/b][/u] -Sherpas for all raids currently in Destiny 2 and its expansions -Charlemagne, a Destiny bot that provides stats for players, the meta, Xur, and more -Several Raids run every week -Clan Engram completions -A friendly community that wants to get to know you -Flexible Scheduling for Raids and Other Activities [b][u]Want to join? [/b][/u] Just follow these quick steps. 1) Upvote this post, visibility helps everyone. 2) Apply to the clan through this [url=]link[/url] 3) Join our [url=]Discord[/url] and lets us know you’re looking to join!

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