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Only want the Last Word

This may be a dumb question but I just want to be 100% sure that I will receive what I am trying to pay for. As a solo player I am not interested in Forsaken for new raids or content because I know I will be unable to complete them. I am interested however in getting the last word but I have heard from some sources that I need the annual pass. I want to know if I now have to buy the, “Destiny 2: Forsaken - Complete Collection” for $39.99 aswell as the, “Destiny 2: Forsaken -Annual Pass” for $???? but currently says not available for purchase. If annual pass content is now transferred to the Complete collection then I will only need to buy that. I hope that made some sense I basically just need someone to tell me EXACTLY what I need to purchase on the PlayStation store to receive the last word. Please reply as quickly as possible because the sale ends on June 17, 2019. Thank you

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