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6/15/2019 12:57:11 AM

Ghost Companion Update?

I recently set up the good old Ghost Companion with my even more recently acquired Alexa device. I thought it'd be really cool to finally have the ghost-shaped paperweight let me talk to it and have things happen in-game. Of course, I then learned that the most common response is, "...having problems connecting to the Tower." I understand it's a fairly old device by now and that I'm [i]far[/i] late to the party in using it, but can the Alexa skill get an update for all these new releases, or was support/licencing/partnerships dropped during the Bungie/Activision split? Obviously if it can be done, the sooner the better, but development can be time consuming to say the least. With that in mind, would a Shadowkeep update be more achievable (assuming it'll be done at all)? TL;DR: I'm late to the party, but still want to enjoy the Ghost Companion. Can/will it ever get updated?

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