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Editado por Wyteboylightnin: 6/14/2019 7:45:40 PM

Something really cool for hunters

I thought of another hunter exotic Eye of the Void Exotic perk Divine pull- tethered enemies are pulled into the the tether. When 3 or more enemies come together they will detonate, causing a massive void explosion. Imagine tethering a boss and having adds sucked into the tether which deals massive damage as it explodes Anyone want to help make the perk sound a little better?? I couldnt think of a way to word it better. Edits Exotic name- Eye of the Void Credit-Dredgen0 Perk details- changed wording from “When 3 or more enemies are pulled together the tether will detonate” to “when 3 or more enemies are pulled together THEY will detonate” Credit-tiamat Check out the warlock exotic concept too!!!

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