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Come join Revenge Is Ours, extremely active clan [Xbox]

Come join Revenge Is Ours, extremely active clan [Xbox] Hi, I'm the recruiting for an awesome clan named Revenge Is Ours. We are an extremely active Xbox only clan that is looking to add more people to our family. Our clan is laid-back but grinds hard and we pride ourselves on dedication and teamwork. We are active in-game and socialize with each other outside the game in our Band chats. That's what makes our clan strong. Our members actually get to know each other and build bonds. I'm sure many of our members can attest to this. Our tight-knit family of misfit toys likes to bust chops and challenge each other. We have something for everyone. We have clan-only events like PVP tournaments, Drunken Stupor/Raids, and scavenger hunts. Members remain respectful to each because that's the atmosphere we created. We try to keep the game fun for everyone no matter what your expertise is in. Most importantly we are always willing to help others, even if it's something don't need. You get what you give in this clan. Interested in joining us and wondering what you need to do to become a part of our family? Well, here it is...... be active. We don't keep placeholders. That's all we ask (well and use band to communicate with us). If you have no interest in gaming or talking with clanmates, why join a clan? All too often we get people who join but never interact with the clan unless they need something. We are not your personal LFG, we are a family. We don't mind bringing in your friends if you are all willing to game with everyone. We aren't a cliquey clan that is unwelcoming to new members and we don't expect new members to behave this way either. We do not have some ridiculous list of expectations like some clans. We don't care if you are male/female, old/young, LGBTQ, year 1/year 3, 0.3kd/3.0kd, pro/nub. As an active clan, we want like-minded people who are just as active as us and want to socialize and play with us. That doesn't mean you need to be on every day, we understand life responsibilities take precedent but enough to show you want to be a contributing member of the clan and want to game with your clan mates. If you are active, helpful and social, that's all we ask. Message me directly to join or if you have any questions. Thanks for stopping by to check us out and I hope to hear from you soon

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