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6/13/2019 1:38:16 AM

Antares: The Fate Of Asterisk (S3P15)

(Saitonia has chosen to accept Death's offer to acquire the dark soul and plot to kill Lee. Touching his chest with the soul in hand, the darkness fuses into Sai's body, accepting him and granting him the power of true shadow and despair.) Saitonia: *looks back up to Death*. "Now what's our next step?" Death: "Patience my friend, all the pieces will align together shortly. All you need to do is wait." Saitonia: *smirks slightly*. "This feels like that time when you and I worked together in the Asterisk dungeon. Back with the group on floor 1." Death: *approaches Sai, standing just a few inches before his face*. "The cycle of Asterisk was broken, it will be reborn. You might ask how is that possible, well.... The Singularity Depths is meant for resetting the cycle when it is broken due to unfortunate events." Saitonia: "Wait........ Are you saying the tower dungeon is going to return?" Death: "Indeed. Caius will return to his throne as god, the hollows will all be wiped out from existence with Hueco Mundo destroyed, and a new generation will enter the game of Asterisk." Saitonia: *sits back down on the bench as he feels his chest begin to grow heavy as if his insides are being consumed*. "The dark soul......did it do something to me?!" Death: *kneels before Sai*. "Don't worry, you'll survive. I can't have you grow attached to the pawns again when you and I return to Asterisk." Saitonia: "I see, it's all coming back to me now. We are apart of the game, apart of the cycle, we will always be there. I don't know how I grew emotions...." Death: *stands back up*. "But of course, what I say to you now will mean nothing if a certain someone chooses differently. Side with the Divine and restore things to how they were, or side with the Hollow and have nothing but ash. Either way, you and I will always be there." Saitonia: "Who....... who are you letting decide the fate of everything?" Death: *staring at Saitonia, waiting some time before answering*. "........Ruby..." -------------------------------------------------------- (Back with Ruby, Ronin and Artemis as they are heading to meet up with Lee to have a discussion about Caius. Before entering the house as Ruby is walking up from the outside behind Ronin and Artemis, a darkness quickly covers Ruby's eyes and her mind is transported into the realm of darkness.) Ruby: *lifts her hand up to her face, barely able to see anything*. "What the heck.....?" (In front of Ruby, a few feet ahead, a bonfire with a sword imbedded into the center lights up with fire, also producing light in the darkness. To the right of the bonfire is a small lamp attached to a root in the ground with a blue light coming from the lamp.) Death: *walks up in between the two noticable objects*. "Hello Ruby, it's decision time." Ruby: *confused and nervous*. "I don't understand.... Who are you?" Death: "You need not worry about who I am. Let us make this short as I can only stop time for a brief moment..." Ruby: "A decision eh? Fine, I'll play along for now, whoever you are." Death: *smiles and points his hands out to both of the lit up objects*. "Your decision here will decide the fate of everything you know, think hard, and choose wisely." Ruby: *staring at the unknown figure in her eyes, hearing her options*. "...." (End of Part 15) -------------------------------------------------------- 3 Choice Options for Ruby. Think hard and weigh all the knowledge you know. Choice 1: Side with the Divine and choose the bonfire. (Side with the Divine, Death, and Saitonia. This option you will attempt to kill Lee, the Vasto Lorde, destroy Hueco Mundo and restore Asterisk to its full glory. Michael will join his father Reign-Beaux, NIL and Ems will die. BatPug and everyone else will be safe in Antares.) Choice 2: Side with the Hollow's and choose the blue lamp. (Side with the Hollow's, Lee, Ronin and Artemis. With this option you will save Lee from Saitonia but the Vasto Lorde is still growing, also you will open the door to Hueco Mundo upon the world of the living with the help of Ronin and Lee. Fate will be unknown for everyone as you have angered Caius and Reign-Beaux to extreme levels, also angering the Vasto Lorde.) Choice 3: Do nothing. (With this option you will do nothing and fate will be unknown. Use your own best judgment for this option.)

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