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publicado originalmente en: Antares: The Fate Of Asterisk (S3P15)
6/13/2019 7:03:26 AM
Out of these three incredibly difficult options, I will go with choice 1. Despite it being the hardest of the three choices to choose, I believe that it is better than choice 2. As for the third one, I'd rather not choose something that is random. Not when other choices present themselves. [spoiler]When it comes down to it, it kind of sucks to have Ruby choose choice one, since I think she would hate it. But it seems to be the best choice out of the three, with mostly everyone being alive. I think it would be nice to see Ruby take this outlook about it. Thinking that it is the best choice for everyone, but not liking the consequences it might and will have. It's how I feel about it lol.[/spoiler]

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