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6/11/2019 7:17:59 AM

Menagerie is revealing more and more information by the day

Shifting the discussion away from Shadowkeep for the time being. What memorable quotes, lore secrets, etc. are you all finding interesting/revealing? For me, the menagerie is certainly showing Calus is not just a robot anymore. I think Calus, given the low an eerie tones during the undercroft, etc. and higher pitched tones for the Gauntlet as an example is showing his true understanding of the darkness capabilities. Remember that Oryx, after studying and studying and studying was never truly put in the depths with the darkness lore wise (this I think was a good overall not-explored-concept on bungie's part because we wouldn't be aware of his dealings. Only that he truly was an explorer of it). Calus saw it up close and personal though from his journals so to speak. Our knowledge of the darkness and ascendent planes is growing due to increased contact in activities with creatures who... for all their normal tendencies... seem to have an inner connection of intrigue to our parallel stance as light bearers. My most recent encounters in the menagerie through shared this intel, "The vex you fight are like farmers and simpletons. They are not warriors" or something to that effect. I think it's been a long time coming honestly that people stop thinking the pyramid ships are solely darkness because the concept's at play here is about misdirection. It has been for the entire expansion. If you think it might be one thing? It might very well be... or it might be what it really was for the area it was in. Hence the moon and other areas being so well occupied/fortified and what you think might be a good deed? Might turn out to be a terrible terrible curse of an idea. What do you think the menagerie is trying to teach us/ memorable quotes?

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