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6/12/2019 8:29:28 AM

Be ready for The Season of Opulence… join Force of The East Star and become a FOE! PS4/ EU&UK based/ 700+ Discord/ 10 Clans/ Highly Active/ Raid Schedules/ Tournaments/ Giveaways

With Opulence comes opportunity… opportunity to become everyone’s FOE, Here at FOES we pride ourselves on being an active and friendly clan. We’ve been running for 2 years and have grown to be a community of 10 clans, that welcomes both new and experienced Destiny players. Born across the pond, FOES branched out to create Force of The East Star, our EU based clan, making it easier for players to find others in their time zones. We know how to help our members make the most of Destiny … whether that’s playing the campaign, light levelling, raiding, PvP and all endgame content. At FOES there is always something going on, including; Raid Schedule and Sherpas- We run a weekly raid schedule, accessible to all members. Each week we have a variety of Sherpa raids to teach our members, and experienced raids for those who are more confident. We tailor the raid schedule to include the raids most requested by our members and to include all timezones. We love raiding at FOES, and man are we excited for Crown of Sorrows… expect to see Sherpa runs featured in the schedule, as we dedicate ourselves to getting our members that new raid clear! Take a look at the schedule [url=]here[/url] Tournaments and Giveaways- We aim to inject excitement into Destiny life, and one example is our PvP Tournament; [url=] Skirmish of The East Star[/url]. We’ve put 35 members to the ultimate test as they’ve competed to be crowned FOES Greatest … it’s been a great success and as our finals draw near, we are already planning the next! And it’s not all PvP … We have our Bad Guys Tournament (Gambit Tournament) coming soon and we have regular contests such as Hide and Seek, Raid Wars, Refer a FOE and more .. all for awesome prizes! So come [url=]Join Force[/url] now. [url=]FOES Website[/url] Instagram; [url=]foesofdestiny[/url] The FOES Family; First of The East Star Fangs of The East Star Fury of The East Star Fate of The East Star Fear of The East Star Force of The East Star - UK/ EU Frenzy of The East Star - PvP Fray of The East Star Fable of The East Star Flair of The East Star [New members are required to join our discord channel] [Must be aged 15 or over] Cheers, Museumofdragons FOES Founder

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