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6/7/2019 6:35:32 PM

Give warlocks Fashion + Levi random roles

Something that I have been wanting for the longest time is for Warlocks to look beautiful. They have some nice looking exotics, but what happened to the warlock design we saw in D1. You have shown that you are capable of making warlocks look clean an slick, but what we've seen in D2 is nothing that crazy when you look at what we saw in D1. This isnt to take something away from the designer team because with the new ornaments and stuff we have this season, its clear they're working hard, but they're isn't a legendary set of warlock armor that I look at and I say to myself "I NEED THAT".... And please, I highly encourage you to give all year 1 raid armor and weapons random roles. That, arguably is some of the nicest designed armor and weaponary, but its no use to have it because it doesnt have the extra perk, leaving it to waste. If your'e going to work so hard to design something and add it to the game, just so all the hard work can be useless months later, its useless to have it anymore.... Please bungie, Give warlocks some fashion <3

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