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6/6/2019 3:44:29 PM

Pursuits Changes Ideas

[b]Dear Bungie,[/b] Personally, I'm not a big fan of the new pursuits page (and I wasn't a big fan of the old pursuits page either.) What would I like to see? Well.. [b]Split the quest's and bounties. [/b] Let's take a look in the past shall we? The releases of TTK and RoI were amazing looking at interfaces. Currently, all the bounties and quests etc are all placed within 1 tab, but this shouldn't be the case. Quests should have a more "important" feeling than bounties. This is why I would suggest following the old TTK version of quests. A larger tab, showing exactly what you have to do for the quest. Bounties can just be an icon you have to get your cursor over to see what you have to do. A row of 10 bounties with an arrow that you can go to the next page is enough and gives enough space for the bigger quest tabs. So: [i]Give us TTK/RoI style interface for quests/bounties.[/i] [b]Customization.[/b] Personally, I find it really irritating that I can't organise my quests/bounties. You should make a function where we can order our own bounties and quests so that we can get it to our liking. Now the only options are newest and rarest, which are not helping at all. So: [i]Customization.[/i] [b]Short-Key.[/b] In the destinations tab the short-key 'E' (pc) is a really handy function. I think it would be good to add another short-key with the same idea, for the pursuits menu. Or even intergrate it into the 'E' short-key! So: [i]Faster acces.[/i] Well, here you have my ideas for a better pursuits menu. Please share your ideas of your ideal pursuits or ways for making my ideas even better!

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