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6/5/2019 3:59:13 PM

RNG: Reaching the Breaking Point

I’m gonna try to keep this short. Some of you have read my previous forum posts, and they almost always have to do with the topic of RNG. That’s cuz I have had comically horrible RNG for the entirety of year 2. Seriously. The peak of my luck was getting Jotunn on my fourth attempt. Otherwise, I’ve quite literally had to work for weeks and months to get the slightest bit of interesting loot. An interesting story brought me here. I just finished a short session with a clanmate, who had broken levels of exotic drops. In less than an hour, he had 5 drops—3 repeats and 2 new. He got lunafaction from an engram, then wings of sacred dawn from a powerful bounty. Afterwards, we did Scourge of the Past—he got Vesper Radius from the first encounter, Getaway artist (new) from the third and Anarchy (new) from the final boss. Hes cleared the raid 20 times. This was just a bizarre scenario, but it still greatly annoyed me. I’ve done SotP 76 times over the past 26 weeks (with 2 clears left this week) and don’t have Anarchy. 11 final boss clears have given duplicate exotics. 1KV took around 2 months to get. I only pulled 4 new exotics for the entirety of the fall season. This is reaching my last nerve. I know, exotics aren’t everything, but the game is a loot shooter. If I am restricted from interesting, fun loot, I won’t play. Personally, I’ve decided that if I don’t get the new exotics (Warlock helmet and raid exotic) in a reasonable amount of time, I will be sitting Destiny down. I don’t have another 26 weeks to give. It sucks even more because Bungie not only doesn’t do anything about the problem, but refuses to talk about it or even acknowledge its existence. We’ll see how the next month or so plays out, but thats all I have left.

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