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6/3/2019 6:22:52 PM

Drum cover video is up! :D

A couple of weeks (months?) ago I posted my full album here for all to enjoy and now I'm uploading side videos for my channel for fun. Aside from working on a new album, I'm making my own drum covers videos from my album to give it a bit more of an "oomph!" but wanted to record this cover cause it's a cool fun song. From a folk band called Lúnasa, they don't use drums on their songs so I decided to add my own and I really love how it came out to be. Now, the recording is not perfect be it video quality, sound and drumming (was tired of re-recording cause of minor mistakes), but I think it's enjoyable enough. The channel has my first Synth/World/Retro album for all to listen and the new song cover for Destiny 2 - Gambit (Named it "Embrace The Darkness") Hope you like it.

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