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5/31/2019 10:29:17 PM

Redrix broadsword quest bugged on me

I reset my valor rank 5 times in season 6 nearing the end of it And the quest didn't tell me to go to shaxx Iv bin on crucible for so long I was on my last reset I'm not taking no for a answer. Bungie you fix this right now I struggle my rear off I have exactly 5 resets I want my redrix right now I am not doing a another 5 reset to be cheated from my hard work for a quest. I want my answer from you to resolve this problem on your end And I say again I'm not taking no for a answer for something that didn't work This your is game and I love it huge fun of it but I worked hard for it and where i am. I want a message that says you fix this Thank you

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