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Editado por Prince-Badar530: 5/28/2019 12:04:40 PM

Nova Warp is useless thanks to the whiners

They nerfed nova warp but not this shit. The majority of the community plays hunters and titans, who whined about it so much and Bungo listened and nerfed it. What about freaking Blade Barrage and Fist of Havoc? Nova Warp got nerfed just a month or 2 after Forsaken. They not only reduced its duration but reduced the damage too Blade Barrage and Titans FOH have been ruling and living the life The code of juggernaut can do an enemy team wipe and not even run out but Nova Warp is OP? Bungie please get your head out of your backsides. There is no justification for this crap. Nova Warp is absolutely useless. No one uses it anymore Nova warp NEEDS another buff to be able to keep up with titans and hunters, it just runs out too fast to be competitive

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