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Let's talk about the new PVE Meta

The changes are going ahead so let's talk about the new PVE meta for the upcoming season. Darci - likely to be the top sniper now Whisper has no whitenail Prospector - already a DPS monster and with the catalyst is likely to be even more of an essential boss killer Titan Bubble - may be more viable now instant Well isn't a thing, if it is buffed it could be a staple for boss phases Celestial/Geomag - may be more important for DPS phases now Acrius - with calayst could be the top DPS weapon now Lord of wolves is being nerfed Tractor cannon + void cluster launcher - effective against riven and likely to remain effective Masterwork/precision kills - guns with good head shot capabilities will rise in value now insta super exotics are gone My main PVE load out for the new season as it stands will be... Warlock - solar middle Midnight coup Ikelos shotgun Darci Lunafaction Titan - void middle Midnight coup Ikelos shotgun Prospector Mask of the quiet one Hunter - solar bottom DFA Jotunn Bellowing Giant Celestial What are your thoughts on the new meta and options for day 1 of the new season.

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