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5/24/2019 1:36:54 PM

Destiny Grimoire Anthology - The Animated Serie

Hello everyone, My name is Kevin, aka Gaven. I'm a french student graphic designer and I'm actually going through my finals. I had to showcase a professional project as to get my diploma, and for one year I worked on an animated serie of video around the book Destiny Grimoire Anthology and its illustrations by Piotr Jablonski. I imagined an advertising campain for the release of the book including : [b] - 1 Trailer video introducing the book - 2 Animated video around the story of Thorn and Eater of Hope - 2 Unlockable ingame icons - 1:1 scale replica of the Gambit Token[/b] I've built up a whole project of 50 pages explaining the project, showing sketches and research (in French so I won't be posting it here) and presented it to my finals. I'd like to show you those videos I made with passion, all illustrations, backgrounds, animations, and voice are made by myself. I hope you'll enjoy that piece of a true fan's passion for this amazing game ! [b]Destiny - TEASER :[/b] [url][/url] [b]Destiny - Thorn :[/b] [url][/url] [b]Destiny - Eater of Hope :[/b] [url][/url] [b]Icon - Memento Vitae :[/b] [url][/url] [b]Icon - Insula Thesauris :[/b] [url][/url] [b]Gambit Token :[/b] [url][/url] Thanks for your interest, feel free to leave any comment and tell me what you think about it !

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