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publicado originalmente en: Here the reasoning behind the nerfs:
5/24/2019 1:42:34 AM
[quote]From someone who actually understands why the nerfs are needed.[/quote] From a -blam!-ing idiot that doesn't understand Jack shit, and proved in less than 3 minutes how truly stupid he is. Saying supers shouldn't be [i]doing what they're [b]designed[/b] to do[/i] completely blows my mind. He goes as far as to say tether [i]shouldn't [b]restrict[/b] enemy [b]movement.[/b][/i] Lmfao I don't think he even knows the [i]definition[/i] of tether. Says that nova bomb shouldn't take out massive amounts of ads. Uh, then what should nova [b][i]bomb[/i][/b] do? Tickle them into submission?

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