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publicado originalmente en: Here the reasoning behind the nerfs:
5/23/2019 6:28:23 AM
Ok, here's the reason and only reason these nerfs have been introduced. PC. Using mouse and keyboard hitting crits with snipers or linear fusion rifles is infinitely easier than on consol. They cant just nerf weapons on pc so everyone takes the hit. It can't have escaped anyones notice that there are so many youtube videos of people soloing some of D2 most difficult quests. Pretty much all of them using pc. Bungie see this as a failure. Outbreak perfected heroic should never be achievable to solo less than a week of release. They ignore the cheesing that goes on in these videos. They ignore that most of these videos are by the guys who do nothing else in their lives but play video games. So because they can do it Bungie alter the game to make it more challengibg for them... totally ignoring every other player who arent that good with sleeper. They are about to release their new dlc with a new raid and you can bet your bullet that some of these encounters would be a breeze for the streamers with Skull of Dire Akamhara or Orphius Rigs. Whisper would melt through some of the bosses. Hence everything gets nerfed to make "worlds first" a little more difficult. People need to see that Bungie literally only cater to their streamer buddies and the rest of us can do one. Either accept that or move along. DMG literally told you all that they couldnt care less how upset you all are about the nerfs. Bungie have made NO comment about the thousands of complaints. They. Do. Not. Care.

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