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Editado por Craftyboss1: 5/24/2019 12:23:56 AM

All the nerfs announced in the TWAB are BS, upvote to stop this (posted on behalf of hawk10586 in order to bring the post back to relevancy)

No reason for anything to get nerfed, whisper was already in a better place with the ammo nerf, LoW was strong but it didn't need a nerf, everything else is also dumb. Don't even get me started on the armor nerfs, they are not needed and hurt already bad exotics. Upvote for this to be stopped Edit: I would rather you upvote the original post. Due to me not originally linking the post it would seem as though I just want upvotes. I've changed the post to include a link to the original that rightfully deserves the upvotes. Edit2: The original creator is passing the responsibility onto me. He wants you guys to upvote my post. You don't have to as you're not obligated. Edit:3 This weeks TWAB is here and better than ever. I made a post about in full detail of [b]my opinion.[/b]

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