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“Games As A Service” is FRAUD

i responded with this video in another post and someone said it should be its own post. edit* here is another copy of the link! i know this is a long watch but ALL gamers should see it. along with these companies trying to misrepresent video games as a service and not a good (primarily what’s in the video), what’s happening is we are essentially investing in these companies with no reward for our risk. we don’t get a stake in the company. we don’t get royalties. really, we often don’t even get exclusive preorder rewards that don’t drop at a later date for everyone else..but we take ALL of the risk because our money is used as the cushion. no other investors would accept these terms. and it’s all of these “games as a service” situations, not just destiny. the demand is clear: make your game good enough to charge a subscription (for a set amount of time) or stop masquerading your game as a “service.” if anyone is seeing this and not wanting to watch such a long video, i PROMISE it will save you hours of headache once you peek behind the curtain and can start holding these companies accountable by not preordering and not buying a game until it’s been reviewed and you know it’s up to snuff. i was also reminded to mention that MANY reviews are paid for so assess those sources critically. we are in this together. these games are FOR US and there are more of us than there are of them. if you don’t agree, that’s fine but i hope enough of us do so we can make it better for us and everyone else. ✊ see you out there in the wild!

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