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Discusión sobre Destiny 2
5/22/2019 1:16:42 PM

There’s nothing wrong with casual content...

To be clear, I’m talking about things that are accessible and fun for a majority of players. Strikes, pvp maps, story missions, weapons that can be earned without sweating our balls off, etc. have been mia since Forsaken. You are full-tilt catering to people who no-life video games and I don’t think it’s working out very well. I understand that you’re trying to solve the “endgame” problem that most live service games have, but let’s be honest here: you’re still not creating things that people want to keep doing. So, my suggestion is to do more. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t continue to release challenging content, but I am saying that you need to do better for your larger audience. It’s mind-boggling that you aren’t releasing pvp maps and strikes each season, not to mention more weapons and armor. To be extra clear: I’m not asking for vanilla D2. It was bland and too casual. I think if every one of your seasons contained some story missions, strikes, pvp maps, and more weapons and armor, then this game would be much better off.

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