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Editado por kingjulianmort: 5/26/2019 8:39:14 PM

Use the infinite forest to bring back d1 raids, strikes and missions.





gO plAy D1 lOseR!


Edit: After seeing some comments, I’ve decided to alter the idea. Free update. Use the infinite forest to bring back all missions and gear(raid and strike gear)from d1. Raids and strikes included. Because of the infinite forest, you can alter the paths and boss fights. Make them change every now and then as a randomly generated area, so you can’t consistently cheese it. Maybe add new gear that is similar, but is still different. This could be a match-made activity from orbit. You could also gather your own fireteam to play together. Instantly spawn into the raid, no running through the empty forest to get to the entrance. We could also have the infinite forest recreate old patrol zones from d1, such as Venus, The Cosmodrome and The Moon. Other features of the forest could be altered d2 year 1 strikes and with new strike specific gear. What are your thoughts?

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