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Editado por Mister T Baggin: 5/23/2019 5:26:23 PM

My apologies

To those Polaris lance gambit victims. I didnt even know myself how effective it was going to be.. 3 matches and (29) kills later...I feel like I wont use it anymore...dont want it nerfed lol Edit: apparently it doesnt count the kills as the match ends lol For those wondering: Quest is easily soloable. If you're on xbox I dont mind going with to do missions, the catalyst you can achieve in about 30 mins using this method. [spoiler]go to the outskirts in the EDZ, (where the cabal mining equipment lands) From here you should see a few groups of hostiles, one on a hill, half way between you and the north wall.the other, right under that bridge the pikes always drive on. Drop three dregs with headshots, and find a fourth dreg near a vandal, headshot the dreg and body shot vandal one time Allow the round to explode, then burn, which should finish the vandal, there are two vandals here and they spawn in frequently from dropships. In about 30 mins you'll have the catalyst, if you already had the kill bounty done, if not, just shoot more things lol[/spoiler]

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