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PS4 multi clan recruiting for our third branch!

Deadly Legions is currently in the process of building a Destiny 2 community. We will would like it to be a place where everyone likes to be… EVERYONE is welcome here nobody will be turned away. Once we get up and going we will be holding daily raids. To help teach whoever needs to still learn them. We will have the players to take u to victory!!!! We have a couple Requirement that everyone must fallow 1. Be ACTIVE on Discord and destiny 2. Be respectful to your fellow clan members 3. The most important thing to be allowed into this community is you MUST have fun and make some new friends!!! Our number 1 thing WE want out of this community is to see those players who where let behind will not be left behind no more. Those solo players now can learn them raids, form a solid team for gambit or whatever you are looking to do! so If you think that this is a good fit for you feel free to join us. we look forward to playing with you all. Also to Other clan founders if you are interested in becoming part of our community with your clan send me a DM and we can talk over the details. In the weeks to come we will be expanding bigger and bigger we have just opened our 3nd branch so come on over and give us a try I’m sure u will have a good time! our 3rd branch is open! Http://

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