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Editado por Nanaki: 5/22/2019 4:34:04 PM

Upvote if you think that the community is crying for no reason, everytime

As i saw so many post about "upvote if you think about something is BS" i want to try this one. Let's speak what we hear during the last 6 months: - "[b]Volundr forge is too hard, please nerf it![/b] then, Bungie nerf it, 620 to 615" Said by every players at 615 or less..... If you want to tryhard it under level, ok, but don't cry if you don't have enough level to do it. Read what is the good level to do it. - "[b]4 days to do the niobe labs??? Why is it too long, we paid to have the last forge, open it![/b]" Bungie create a special event where every HL player go and low level player can help by solving a problem, and you cry because it took 4 days... Look at another game how long you need to finish some raids or another HL event.... - "[b]New ship with a neww event in Zero Hour Activity, but it look like a shit!!![/b]" 77+ ships avaible ingame, 15+ exo, and you cry about one because you don't like his skin.... Pro tips: Press F1 -> collection -> recraft another ship. - "Why do you nerf every Exotic??? whisperers is cool!" Everybody can do everything in this game without difficulty because many of you cry for some stupid things, so they up many exotics in this game but they are overcheat now :). Every weapon and armor need to be situational. Actually, if you want to try some VHL things, you will use Exo armor who give you some super or mobility / Whisper for ammo or warcliff for DPS, wow, so much diversity - "[b]A season gambit, 3 month only with that... seriously (write by some guys who don't know every secret of Black armory)[/b]" Pro tips: Go at justice to get the new weap/armor perks, check the Lore (many secret thing everywhere if you don't look only at videos), go tryhard some things in solo. - "[b]PVP ranked is too hard... when we start to play in pvp, we lose every game because we don't meet player at the same level than us...[/b] Pro Tips: Go train in QuickPlay before. - "[b]We meet so many group of 4 players iun gambit prime, when we are solo, we lose every game. Pls fix.[/b] Already done if you check the patch note 2.0.2 but i will give you another pro tips: Go play Skyrim if you want to play solo. Or find a team. We got many examples on this forum, but i think it's enough to explain hat is the real problem of Destiny 2. GLHF guys.

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