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5/21/2019 6:05:11 PM

Bungie those of us giving feedback are not just salty

We aren’t fans that want Destiny to die, we want it to be successful. These nerfs are a contradiction of what you guys stated just a year ago that nerfing is no longer your philosophy, but instead you’ll just bring up everything else to meet the powerful items, thus creating your balance and variety. Destiny is a game where as you stated we would become Legend, and you would feed the power fantasy. These nerfs take what was in my opinion the best thing about Destiny 2 in comparison to D1 (the infinite amo whisper, the super regen armor) and takes away that fantasy from these items and in a sense from the game. We are just holding you Bungie accountable as all passionate and caring consumer of a product do. If we didn’t love this game or the universe we would just be quiet and move on from the game. Destiny is an amazing universe and you guys made greats strides from March of last year to early May of this year. Granted there were some issues but that’s normal. This nerf is taking you back to vanilla D2 where we were somewhat powerful. Cancel the nerf and let’s just move on. Keep our exotics powerful and continue to allow our guardians to become legend.

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