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5/21/2019 2:19:36 AM

POWER FANTASY: Not That Simple

Disclaimer: any terminology used in this post is never meant to put one group of players above another. Everyone needs a spot at the table. Carry on. Power fantasy. Is it leaving? Was it ever here? Does it have an expiration date? The recent TWAB has concerned players voicing these thoughts and more. However, power fantasy is more complicated than that. There are different types of power fantasy. I'll give you an example. Player A loves explosions, destruction, melting bosses, walking all over waves of adds. Unlimited supers, lots of heavy, all that. Spectacle drives this player. Player B favors challenge, puzzles, strategizing, optimizing. Difficult encounters, complex raids, execution- heavy dungeons or Zero Hour type missions. Triumph drives this player. Bungie has to make both of these players happy. Destiny has to deliver, with each content drop, a boatload of Spectacle and a generous portion of Triumph. There are different kinds of players that have a certain level of favor for either of these power fantasies. But, as bungie described, simply increasing and increasing power to boost Spectacle will hurt a sense of Triumph. In the end, I just mean to say that those who favor Spectacle should realize the game is not just for them. There are many players who enjoy challenge. I have personally had enough of the naysayers. I want to be part of the conversation, too. But some people don't believe that I and other players like me exist. Power Fantasy is not leaving destiny. Orpheous Rig and Skull players will have to pick up orbs. That's been part of the game since forever. Bungie kept Wardcliff, Thousand Voices, Acrius, Prospector, and other DPS weapons untouched. There's still gonna be cheese. Let's all take a step back and look at the big picture. Thanks for the cool game Bungie.

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