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Editado por streed9951: 5/22/2019 5:37:51 AM

I continue to play, and will play! Don’t judge me!

I’m a Destiny vet since D1 launch and have lived through all the changes of the past! These nerfs are just run of the mill how they chose to balance their gameplay... before the nerfs there was constant complaining about this or that being “OP” (I hate that term!) so they started adjusting the weapons then guess what?!...More pissing and moaning! I’m not a sniper player, never have been... there are those out there that are! Look at the overall destruction of basic legendary fusion rifles... they aren’t what they were at the start of D1 by no means! I love fusion rifles, many dont and that’s perfectly ok! Point is many of us pride ourselves on being “gamers” stepping up, accepting challenges, and putting them to rest! But what have we become.... “Oh my God one gun got nerfed! I can’t play anymore!” Come on??? All these “cheese” players claim all these accomplishments and brag they’re so great... Prove it! Become Great!!! The challenge is out there...

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