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5/21/2019 11:49:08 PM

[PC] Welcome to the Discount Fireteam! (Endgame, casual, PvE/Pvp, Sherpa, Mixed areas)

Welcome to the Discount Fireteam! [PC] [Mixed Areas] [Pve&Pvp] [Discord] [End game/Sherpas] Usual Deal! Group of people looking for something a little bit more mature, and organised. We're an odd bunch, growing to be a bit odder. We run more often around 4-10 Est pm, but that's more for organised games like Raids and what not. Otherwise were rather scattered so someone is bound to be on! We have members that love to help, and will go out of the way to help noobs and first time Raid runners. We do mixed game types, and will join in/help on all game modes. We like people that play often, but also understand that outdoors can be nice at times. You wont be hounded for not playing every day. If you sign up for a raid, try to make it, but we will try to have backup plans. You can also find us on our Discord. You can come in, and see if you'll click well with us before applying if you'd like! Cheers

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