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5/21/2019 3:26:31 AM

WHAT IF we never had Destiny 3 and only had constant D2 support?

Hear me out. Why can't we just have Destiny 2 for a few more years instead of another damn game? Keep developing the game with content, we have given enough money to Bungie for them to give us good amount of content drops obviously they won't do it because "mAkinG coNteNt iZ haRd" but what if it was like this? Look at Warframe and other game devs I still can't believe they release HUGE updates with literally zero money charged. Then on the other hand we have Bungo who will ask for a 60$ launch game plus 2 over priced meaningless expansions totalling 40 Then another expansion to fix all the shit they did for another 40 bucks plus ANOTHER 30 bucks for more Gambit crap being shoved down our throats and so called new content. I just hope Bungie snaps the hell out. Enough is enough man, I've been a fan since day 1. I can't believe how much money I have given them, sometimes I say it's worth it but this new crap bungie just pulled with the nerfing and all that makes me question was it really worth it? Anyways what do you guys think? You on board with Destiny 2 support for a few years or another half assed launch with over priced expansions aka Destiny3. If that is the case I can assure you I won't fall for it again Shame on me if I fall for it the 3rd time

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