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Destiny 2

Discusión sobre Destiny 2
5/21/2019 3:17:50 AM

Slowly starting to realise Activision was never the problem. It was Bungie all along :)

I am one of those people who has been defending Destiny for the last 5 years among my friends. These cheap tactics to suck out our hard money with Overpriced DLCs, spoonfeeding content, half assed launch. It was difficult to back Bungie up, I'd always blame it on Activision but slowly I'm realising Bungie was no angel. @Bungie The only thing you are good at are nerfing things people grinded for, for hours. You said it yourself, we want people to have fun! What's the point of spending hours trying to get an exotic only to have it nerfed?! Maybe if you'd focus more on giving us new content with the absolute rip off annual pass you made, that would be great. No new strikes, no new maps, no trials no nothing! But we have more Gambit who people were already sick off because of that break neck quest. Great freaking job you imbeciles, might as well right me an email to stop playing the game than do all this unbelievable crap. You're days of glory are gone bungie. Destiny 3 ( as if 2 wasn't) will be a massive fail, if you are dumb enough to launch it.
#destiny2 #rant

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