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[PS4] | Get Glimmer | Active endgame clan recruiting | Active in all aspects of the game | 200+ members | Active Discord |

Guardians, To Opulence and beyond, Get Glimmer is now recruiting! With a new season on the horizon and a new raid, there will be plenty to do and grind for. Our biggest goal here is to bring Destiny lovers together to play together. We are a community. [u]A few things to know about our clan:[/u] ⭐️—We have been around since the game came out and have been going strong ever since. What started with myself and 3 admins has now grown to over 200 members across 4 clans. We have excellent player retainability and receive positive feedback from members all the time. Even though the community is large, it feels right-knit. ⭐️—We achieve max season rank each season in all clans. ⭐️—We are active in [b]all[/b] aspects of the game. Raiding, Gambit/Prime/Reckoning, PvP/Comp (including help with acquiring pinnacle weapons for free), triumph/title grinding, catalyst farming, Black Armory, etc. Whatever you want to do, there’s likely clanmates looking to do the same things or who are willing to help you. Everyone is cool and helpful - we don’t allow toxicity in our clan. ⭐️—We offer sherpa raids multiple times a week run by clan management and sherpas. We also help with Petra’s Run and Like a Diamond (if there’s participation). There’s also day 1 teams forming for CoS. ⭐️—We have a very active and fun Discord server with people playing generally all the time. [u]Requirements to join:[/u] 💥—Discord is [b]required[/b]. Due to the size of the clan and the capabilities of Discord, that is the exclusive platform we use to communicate and manage the clan. Being relatively active on Discord is also required. This is a clan and the point is to play with others. You’ll meet a lot of really cool people and get to play with guardians from all over the world! 💥—Raid experience not required but highly preferred. 💥—Age 18+ 💥—Be cool, helpful, mature, and have fun! If you are interested in joining our ever-growing clan and community, post here and I will dm you and we can chat. -P

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