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5/20/2019 11:42:32 PM

So about the scorned Barons...

Are they still alive? We know it's cannon that Fikrul returns from death regularly to challenge his killer, but what we don't know is if he brings his brothers and sisters back with him. The Scorn are honestly the most charismatic enemy race in my opinion so I just wanted to ask. It's been started multiple times that the Scorn don't have an endgame, they just wanna reck havoc and have fun doing it. Fikrul was the only Baron who actually found purpose outside of killing, Uldren was the only reason the Fanatic went to such length and risked everything in his name. Uldren is a Guardian now and most likely a little peeved that he's not aloud to return to the tower nor wishes to involve himself in humanities issues (I'm only assuming this because I'm almost positive we'll finally get that: out here in the wild this is how we talk cutscene) so I doubt he'd go looking for our enemies to ally with The Scorn are really only surviving as well as they are thanks to the dreaming city loop. Fikrul can't call on them to fight us but at the same time he isn't at risk of loosing them unless the curse breaks. So you'd think in both an act of disparity and sorrow he'd bring back his old running crew to attack the shore or even the last city. Unfortunately we have no idea, and thus the best character in fiction shall stay in limbo... Rest in peace mad bomber [spoiler] little side note, Elykris is technically still alive. Whenever you do a heroic public event ether ritual she comes to face you. This could mean that the other Barons are secretly in hiding right? I suppose, but then you gotta realize Elykris also appears in the dreaming city... Which means she could be stuck in the loop. Just a thought[/spoiler]
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