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5/19/2019 11:44:46 AM

Bungie Must Not Play Their Own Game.

Due to the fact that it is the end of Season 6 and all PvE content has been completed a million times the only semblance of ‘fun’ I’ve been able to find is in the Crucible and Gambit(I’m not a huge fan of PvP and Gambit nor do I play either often) and low and behold the exotics Bungie has decided to nerf have been the least of my problems. Both Gambit and Crucible feel severely and randomly unbalanced although this is nothing new and I understand Bungie balances with all game modes in consideration when they release mass buffs/nerfs and don’t get me wrong I’ve been behind hate trains that occur because an item has its PvE value hit because of a PvP focused nerf. Truly from House of Wolves onward I believed Crucible was worst than D1s writing(I was one of those guys) and I also still believe Gambit is the most boring game mode in Destinys history, yet I decided to start playing both because of the expected drought we have hit. That leads me to my main point, during Forsaken the changes Bungie were implementing felt rewarding and natural but recently their changes have felt based in numbers rather than in game experience, it’s as if Bungie has hit the drought we have, has decided to stop even opening the game, and yet still decided to send out a mass nerf on a few(powerful) exotics. Although lots of the nerfs were warranted it feels like Bungie acts on an item if they see it become too powerful in one or two categories in the game despite the fact that it may be god awful in every other category. This leads me to the idea that I like to call ‘Proportional Nerfs/buffs’ for an example I’ll use The Whisper, it has great single target DPS but isn’t great at much else, it’s a waste of ammo to use it to kill trash mobs, it can somewhat be used to lay damage into two or three beefy enemies but otherwise it’s mediocre at best in PvP and is almost great in Gambit but overall is a high ‘good’. If I were to average together it’s value to each game mode(and task) in the game I would give it a high A(on an S to F scale) yet the nerf it received feels as if it was rated SSSS++, as if it was good in every activity and at performing every task. If Bungie were to ‘Proportionally’ balance The Whisper I would still hit its exotic perk just not as hard. This leads me to my final point not only is Bungie not nerfing some problematic items *cough cough* Jotun(although mainly its PvP capability) but the items they are choosing to nerf now are the powerful ones even though, in my humble opinion, the main purpose to a looter shooter/rpg or any PvE game for that matter is for you to get to the point where nothing stands in your way. I know Bungie wants to keep a sense of challenge in the game but if they were to look at their endgame activities they would see ‘mechanics’ are the most fun and involving challenge they can offer, not taking away our powerful gear and perks. I with all my heart know Bungie cares about the game and tries to do what is best for it but the creativity involved behind the scenes right now feels dead to the point where they are taking away some of our most prized items, they may even get to the point where we can only melee enemies so challenge persists in PvE game modes. In short I believe Bungie must take a minute, maybe delay(if they have one planned) the dlc set to launch after Season 7 and recuperate their thoughts and ideas that have kept this dying giant of a franchise breathing the shallows breaths it has been breathing from the start. Bungie must also be more meticulous with their nerfs and at least have people in the studio sit down and just play for a few hours to see what really needs tuning, in an idealistic world Bungie will implement challenging mechanics into every repeatable PvE experience in the game so all nerfs can be PvP centric because power creep is not a problem on the PvE side of the game. (I wrote all of this because I was killed cross-map by Jotun) Nothing can be perfect and I’m not asking for Bungie to break that mold I just want the best for this game just like every single other person that still plays the game.

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