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5/14/2019 3:07:03 AM

(PS4) Fun, PvP Duo Tournament

Founders or admins feel free to contact me, if interested or have any questions. We are planning to have a PvP duo tournament over the weekend. Disclaimer we ain't god-like players, we have players all over the world with different ranges of skill and age. We plan on doing this tournament to get the clan together for some fun in these dry moments. Reason we are looking for an other clan to participate is to bring in more attention, improve future events in PvP and PvE. Goal is to have two brackets that will end up having the top team from each clan to compete. Not only to see who's the best in the clan but also what clan comes on top. These goals will apply to other events we planning on having for PvP and Gambit. Cheers, Glazer

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