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Editado por Bennett: 5/12/2019 10:06:06 PM

Reckoning Weapon RNG Fix Idea using Powerful Synthesizer

What if.... we could use the Powerful Synthesizer to target a specific weapon we are hunting for. Similar to season of the forge where you have frames that need to be tempered we could combine certain synths to target certain weapons. Ex: 2 Sentry Synths + 2 Reaper Synths would result in: Hand Cannon (Spare Rations) Mote. Having the Mote in your inventory would increase your chances of getting a Spare Rations Hand Cannon in the Reckoning (50%) until you get it. The Mote could also be inserted in the fourth chamber at the start of reckoning. One for weaker, one for middling and the powerful as the third. The fourth could be for the weapon you are chasing. Simple combinations could be implemented for every weapon making the grind much easier. I have spent the last 2 days grinding almost 10 hours with one partial roll that was a keeper. The rest is Shards and blues. Lots of bluessssssss….. This would keep the RNG element but give us some control like within the forges. This idea has been used (sort of) during the dawning where we would combine ingredients to make different cookies. Same system... simple enough right?! Love the game, I have 1250 Hours into it.

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