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Editado por IceApfel: 5/10/2019 5:06:28 PM

Penumbra artwork similarities

With Crown of Sorrow being announced, Bungie gave us this little piece of artwork to represent the raid. Immediately, I noticed something. I’m not sure where I’m going with this, so this will be more rambling than actual theory crafting. Take a look at the artwork above and then look at this: That’s the symbol of the Queens Guard. Both artworks share the exact same spiky ring around the main symbol. Is there any connection between the Queen and Calus? Kinda. Recent lore has mentioned that the Awoken armada is regularly doing fly-bys as a way to show of force to the Leviathan and Calus, should he ever consider attacking. [u]Lore book: Dust, Leviathan[/u] [quote] "Three minutes to closest approach," the flight dynamics officer calls. "INCO, target emissions status?" "The Leviathan is illuminating us with targeting sensors. No change." [...] "Do you do this a lot?" Lavinia wants to impress Paladin Rior, who sprung her from jail because, in her words, "every brain in the Reef is busy thinking about one problem, so I need your brain for another." Lavinia doesn't want to let her down. "Step on the tiger's tail with these... fly-bys?" "Shows of force," Kamala corrects her. "We need Calus to believe that we're prepared to meet his ship with our own fleet [...].“[/quote] [u] Lore book: Stolen Intelligence, Passivity[/u] [quote][...] 4. The Awoken armada continues regular shows of force. The Leviathan remains non-hostile. [...][/quote] It’s mentioned two times in recent lore. At least something has to come of it. The last lore entry I showed you, Passivity, is probably the biggest tease to Penumbra we currently have. It’s not very specific, but it’s supposed to remind us that there still is something happening there. Food for thought... Another one. This is old concept art of the Leviathan raid: Specifically, Calus throne room. Notice the weird black hole-ish thing behind him? Now look at the symbol for Penumbra: It features a similar swirl of energy. Does this mean anything important? Not really. We already know that Calus has mysterious powers, so this might mean that Penumbra will give us more insights into them and their origin. But that’s to be expected. Again, just another small similarity I noticed. __________________________________________________ Edit: Images [i]should[/i] work now. Unsure about the thumbnail one. If it doesn’t work, you can see it in the TwaB when they mention Crown of Sorrow.

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