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Editado por wes0103: 5/5/2019 4:14:12 AM

More Buffs like Arc Week!

I know this post is late, but I have to say I love the neutral game buffs we got during arc week. Bottom tree Striker is awesome and really rewards aggressive play, especially with either OEM or Skullfort equipped. Top tree Stormcaller is really fun as well. I was with a friend on his warlock at one point and the area control is incredible with arc web. And of course, arc strider is even better. However, these buffs also make it painfully obvious that other classes are lacking. Way of the Sharpshooter is kind of boring and weak. And on top of that, Chains of Woe, a perk that revolves around precision is on the Outlaw tree. And the Outlaw golden gun has more accuracy at range than the Sharpshooter one does. It doesn't quite make sense. I'd like to see Way of the Sharpshooter maybe have golden gun combustion activate of goldy precision kills. I'd also like to see it get more benefits from precision hits and kills that actually enhance the neutral game. Nightstalker needs work. Tether needs a buff in damage. Also, a Ahamkara Nova Bomb does Tether's job easier and better. It needs some work. I'd also like to see the classes have more synergy and maybe see a suppressor grenade to enhance it's support capabilities. Keen scout could use some improvements to enhance the neutral game of the class. Attunement of Flame and Sky could also use some work. Flame doesn't have a tremendous amount of synergy within the class and it doesn't provide many ways to continuously activate it's burning option. Sky rewards players for killing midair and allows players to engage from a different plane, which is nice. But I'd like to see it provide more benefits than just ability cooldowns. Code of the Aggressor and Protector lack a level of synergy as well. On top of that, the bubble is laughable. I love the changes we have gotten so far, but I would love to see some changes to the classes above, especially if they're in the same direction of the Arc Week changes!

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