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5/1/2019 1:13:10 PM

builds / must have weapons

im looking for builds people use in Crucible, Raids, Strikes... Non DLC ones. Im f2p. (i can get some forsaken stuff by random chance but it's not reliable) Also im currently a Warlock Main. Until i get to the 320 cap. My current builds are Class:Chaos Void Warlock (for pretty much everything) [u]Weapons[/u] [b]Crucible[/b]: Primary: (a) [url=]Business[/url]; (b) [url=]Go Figure[/url] Secondary: (ab) [url=]Wishbringer[/url] Heavy: (b) [url=]Wardcliff Coil[/url]; (a) [url=]Steel Sybil[/url] with tireless blade perk [b]Strikes[/b]: (often depends on bounties) Primary: (a) [url=]Hawthorne's Shotgun[/url]; (b) [url=]Business[/url]; (c) [url=]Better Devils[/url] Secondary: (a) [url=]Fighting Lion[/url]; (b) [url=]Loaded Question[/url]; (c) [url=]Arsenic Bite[/url] Heavy: (a) [url=]Outrageous Fortune[/url]; (b) [url=]Steel Sybil[/url]; (c) [url=]Thunderlord[/url] [u]Armor[/u] [b]Crucible[/b] Helmet: [url=]Cormorant blade[/url] Gauntlets: [url=]Wing theorem[/url] Chest: [url=]Iron Symmachy[/url] Legs: [url=]Lunafaction[/url] For unlimited ammo on [u]Business[/u] Class Armor: [url=]Wing Theorem[/url] [b]Strikes[/b] Helmet: [url=]Skull of Dire[/url] (for that unlimited ult spam) Gauntlets: [url=]Wing theorem[/url] Chest: [url=]Iron Symmachy[/url] Legs: [url=]Wing Theorem[/url] Class Armor: [url=]Wing Theorem[/url] haven't done raids yet. But my go to Boss melt choice is Thunderlord, Wishbringer rapid frame and Better Devils with multi-orb, minor mod and payload perk. Im open to discussion and suggestions. Remember, i if i can't get it on a F2P mission it's invalid.

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